Facilities & Infrastructure


HCM has an excellent library with wide range of quality books authored by renowned foreign and Indian authors and publishers. Many national & international journals, magazines and periodicals are subscribed on regular basis.

The library is fully networked and provides resources and facilities for research work and self-development. It has spacious reading room which can accommodate a large number of students. It provides the atmosphere conducive to self-learning, thus empowering the students.


The cafeteria on the premises provides snacks, drinks and beverages for the conveience of students, faculty and staff members. The college ensures that the eatables provided are tasty, hygienic and reasonably priced too. It caters to the need of Students to freshen up and rejuvenate them.

Seminars/ Presentations

There is a focus on small group of students for improving their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Group led by trainers hold in-depth discussion on how to give presentations. The presentation could be, for example, on an exercise or case which students have worked on, an essaythatan individual studenthas presented.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits are organized to provide a proper understanding of the industry sector and relate theory to real life situation.This aims at keeping the students in synch with the best practice in the industry. Industry visits are organized to various leading Indian and multinational organization located in various parts of the country.

Lectures and Discussions

The classroom lectures are supplemented by lectures by eminent speakers from the industry who share their rich practical experience in trade and business and interacted with the students. The lectures are aided by audio-visual material and a plethora of study notes supplements these lectures.

Computer Lab

With growing advancements in technology, Computer skills are must for any chosen field. In reaping with this trend, HCM/HIM has equipped the complete facilities of internet and multi-media. All the systems are Pentium based with broadband connectivity through V-sat round the clock. All the systems are equipped with licensed software like: C, JAVA, MS-OFFICE, VB.NET, C++, VB 6.0 etc. to give the students hands on training and job experience.

Lecture Halls

Lecture halls are thoughtfully designed to induce high quality learning and provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focussed discussions, with integrated audio visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc.

Course curriculum

HCM / HIM believes otherwise. Here, along with regularly update curriculum. Because no curriculum can do wonders to the students without proper academic delivery. HCM / HIM ensures that modem curriculum is delivered in a friendly and interactive manner. This also makes it possible for students to opt for electives that supplement their areas of interests and skills.


HCM / HIM is a bland of innovation perfection and creation. In order to grow and nurture a vibrant corporate culture, the faculties drawn have excellent academic credentials with extensive administrative and industrial exposure. In addition to a very dedicated and competent corefaculty, visiting faculty from industry and academics are invited to teach. This gives students an insight into practical functions within the corporate sector. At HCM / HIM guest lectures are also delivered by leading management gurus from various parts of India.


The sports Outdoor and Indoor are held within eco-firendly environment to strengthen the mental and Physical fitness & agility. The campuses are equipped with lush green play ground for hokey, Football, along with Separate courts for badminton, basketball etc.